Barcelona ghost stations

⚠ Under construction ⚠ Line Station Built Closed Ferran Gaudí Bifurcació Vilanova Les Rodalies

Camí de Cavalls (Menorca)

You can do a trip from Cala Mitjana and visit other isolated and calm beaches as Cala Trebalúger, Cala Fustam and Cala Escorxada. You can arrive walking by the coast (blue route) or walking by Camí de Cavalls (green route). Camí de Cavalls

Barcelona Metro Lines

Line Opening 1st circulation Length (km) Stations Line 1 1926 20,7 30 Line 2 1995 1959 13,1 18 Line 3 1924 18,4 26 Line 4 1973 1926 17,3 22 Line 5 1959 18,9 26 Line 6 1976 1929 5,2 9 Line 7 1954 1929 4,6 7 Line 8 2000 1912 12 11 Line 9N 2009

Gaudí station

Gaudi is an underground station of the Barcelona metro that has never been in use. It is located between the L5‘s stations Sagrada Família and Sant Pau | Dos de Maig, under Gaudí avenue. On the upper level, there is the headquarters of the associations of retired workers of Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, the Barcelona’s

Riding Barcelona metro line L9 South (Things To Know)

Gladly, on 2016 Barcelona Metro line 9‘s south section will be opened (L9 Sud, in catalan), but there are a few things that you should know before riding the line from the Airport to the Barcelona city centre. Is it the most convenient for you? What’s L9/L10? L9 and L10 are two services of the

Ses Illetes and Beso Beach, Formentera

Illetes Beach is one of the most famous of Formentera. The name comes from the small islands that are in front . At north, there is the largest and most popular: S’Espalmador. It can be reached by road from es Pujols (PM-820-2). The bar Beso Beach is at Cavall d’en Borràs beach, there is always

Restaurant Can Forn, Formentera

Carn Forn is a traditional restaurant from the island of Formentera. A must if you want to know the local cuisine of this island of Pityusic Islands. The menu is varied, the quality of the food is very good and the price is good. It is located in the village of Sant Ferran or San