Netflix secret categories

You only have to change the numbers at the end of the Netflix URL when looking for new genres: is the URL for Adventures based on Books. Some examples: Disney (67673) BBC Dramas (3838) Classic Foriegn Movies (32473) Cult Comedies (9434) Foreign Dramas (2150) Belgian Movies (262) Spanish Movies (58741) Gay & Lesbian Dramas

Twitter: a day of trips in Spain

Mobility based on twitter community trips.


Alt Pirineu Barcelona Camp de Tarragona Comarques Centrals Girona Lleida Penedès Terres de l’Ebre Val d’Aran

The Ultimate Guide for social networks

Here is the essential guide for Social Media design, infographic from Tent Social (‘the ridiculously exhaustive Social Media design blueprint‘). We do a short summary of Facebook and Twitter, the rest (Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube) you will find it in the infography. Facebook Cover photo: 851×315 px Profile photo: 180×180 px (upload, view:

Boggie – Nouveau parfum

In hongarian “Parfüm”: French lyrics Soit Prada, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Cartier, Azarro, Sisley, Escada, Gucci Naf

What did the world search for in 2013

Top trending People Events Athletes Consumer electronics Google+ hashtags Movies Performing artists TV shows YouTube videos

Sagrada Família 2026

The Basilica of the Sagrada Família will be finished by 2026 and the Foundation of the expiatory temple shows us how will be in a video. However doesn’t shows how to fix urbanistically the main entrance, the Portal of Glory, where Gaudí designed a bridge over Mallorca street. EDIT: In their youtube channel, the board

iTunes Radio

We have been trying iTunes Radio, you need iOS 7 and an account linked to the USA’s Apple